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The profession of artisan jeweler, a dream come true.  Little Things Creations is above all the story of a passion.

My name is Christina, I'm a big fan of Made in Belgium and local consumption and it was in 2016 that I wanted to join this team of Belgian female entrepreneurship.

Little Things creations are Bohemian jewelry, chic and always made with passion.

I offer two ranges of jewelry, Les Pépites and Les Merveilles .

Les Merveilles are 100% handcrafted jewelry made entirely in the workshop. Cutting, filing, texture, welding, polishing, many techniques that allow you to create without limit.

The Nuggets  are jewels imagined from components and then assembled in my workshop.

I reveal to you my two ranges of jewelry through capsules (collections).

The creation of jewelry is in my eyes like poetry. To imagine a piece is to give it life, to give it a soul. Each creator has his own universe, a place that is accessible only to him. This imaginary world gives access to a garden, filled with nuggets and wonders. And my ambition is to reveal my creations to you, handmade in limited series and made with a lot of love and passion.

A jewel is not only an accessory, it allows to sublimate a woman, to make her elegant, sparkling. It can lend itself to any circumstance. I find it as important as a garment. Necessary to finish an outfit, you can reveal yourself through jewelry, convey a strong image and be yourself.

By buying a piece of Little Things jewelry, not only do you participate in bringing a designer's project to life, but you also support Belgian manufacturing, local products.

We do not count our hours and it is our passion that drives us.

Christina, Littlethings.

The materials :

I use steel, brass gilded with fine gold, 18K gold plated, gold filled and 925 silver.

I bring a touch of color with resin pieces and natural pearls.

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